Other Products

Unscreened Topsoil Picture

Unscreened Topsoil

Topsoil that has not been screened and may contain some rocks mixed in. Used in large applications where topsoil is needed.

Screened Topsoil Picture

Screened Topsoil

Topsoil that has been screened and is used as a top dressing.

Bank Run Picture

Bank Run

An unprocessed material can be used in backfill applications.

Crushed Concrete Picture

Crushed Concrete Agg. Base

Used as a base material for thick applications.

Fill Dirt Picture

Fill Dirt

Dirt from beneath the top soil. Often used to fill depressions or holes.

Rip Rap Picture

Rip Rap

Used in waterways for erosion control, 24" and smaller. (Meets ODOT Specs A B C D)

Unspecified Rip Rap Picture

Rip Rap

Mostly used in waterways for erosion control. (Non-Specified)

Screened Asphalt Grindings Picture

Screened Asphalt Grindings

Screened grindings used for roadway and driveway applications.